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Electric Fireplaces: 3 Ways They Can Make Life Better in 2022

Happy New Year! Does anyone else feel inspired by the start of a new year? Now that January has arrived, this can be an ideal time to set goals, like creating a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home. Helping people achieve their dream living space is what makes us tick at Twin Star Home®, so we’re sharing our top three reasons why electric fireplaces will make your life better in the new year.

1. Electric Fireplaces Elevate the Look of Your Home Décor

No matter what your personal style is, electric fireplaces add a charming focal point for your living space. Thanks to technology like the patent pending 3D Flame® Effect from ClassicFlame®, you can have eye-catching, realistic-looking flames. This innovative technology makes it easier than ever to enjoy that soothing, flickering light that you love about a traditional fireplace.

For a comfortable, at-ease feeling of modern farmhouse style, consider a wall mantel. A mantel adds a classic look and a place to display favorite items – from knick-knacks to books. Models like the Duraflame 26″ PanoGlow 3D View Mantel Fireplace Heater provide a beautiful blank canvas for your seasonal home décor.

Add warmth and style to any kind of décor.

For those who love a modern look, the 60 inch Media Mantel with Panorama Fireplace creates a clean, streamlined atmosphere in your home that will keep your space—and your mind!—clutter-free. This style is also perfect for displaying photos or the latest art projects from school.

A media mantel gives you ambiance and extra storage!

Professionals like Rachel Moriarty love the design flexibility of an electric fireplace. This San Diego-based interior designer and brand ambassador for the Design Network has been featured in HGTV magazine. AND she loves this idea for home design.

“One of the things I love about electric fireplaces is that you can create a whole room around them,” Moriarty said. “You can do it for any style from coastal to modern, from retro to industrial. And I just love all of the versatility that offers a designer.”

2. Electric Fireplaces Are More Energy Efficient

Electric fireplaces improve your décor and provide an energy-efficient way to keep your most-used rooms more comfortable. Instead of turning up the thermostat for your entire home, set it lower and add heat where you need it. This allows you to create a supplemental zone heating strategy that makes living spaces toastier and reduces overall energy use. Electric fireplaces use a lot less energy and fuel than wood-burning fireplaces yet provide the same welcome warmth. And since an electric fireplace doesn’t come with the upkeep of a wood-burning fireplace, it’s a much cleaner, environmentally friendly alternative.

Add heat to your home with efficiency.

3. Electric Fireplaces Help You Cut Your Energy Costs

Generally speaking, using supplemental heating like electric fireplaces are a smart way to cut costs. Lowering the overall temperature of your home by 10-15 degrees and heating only the room you’re in can help save up to 15% on energy bills. And that’s more money for those dream renovation projects, a smart home device, or whatever else makes you smile.

Ring in the New Year with Twin Star Home

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