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Accent Cabinet Spotlight: Tips & Buying Guide [2022]

It’s the ultimate balancing act: style versus storage. While utilitarian storage options are great for the attic or basement, they fall short of the luscious living room looks you’re dreaming about. To create the right blend of style and function, a better solution is needed: the accent cabinet.

Let us help you navigate the jungle of styles, form, and function, so you can choose the perfect accent cabinet for your living room, parlor, and beyond. Here’s our take on cabinets, and how the right selections early in the design process can make your home more organized and attractive.

Our Top Picks for 2022 Accent Cabinets

With so many accent cabinets to choose from, who can pick their favorite? We can! Our experts have ranked our best-in-class favorites of 2022 for your humble consideration. Before we dip into the finer points of cabinet selection, take a look at these standouts.

Twin Star Home BEST PICK for Entertaining:

Weathered Gray Beverage Cabinet with 15-Bottle Refrigerator

Twin Star Home BEST PICK for Easiest to Assemble:

Amabel Bar Cabinet

Twin Star Home BEST PICK for Overall Best Value:

Astor Place Bar Cabinet

Twin Star Home BEST PICK for Best Storage Accessory:

Cameron Bar with Wine Storage

Step 1: Choose the Right Features

The first step on your accent cabinet journey is easy: it’s time to think about the most important features you want in your cabinets and how they can help meet your home decorating needs. Consider these cabinet attributes when making your selection.


If you’re always looking for ways to bust clutter, concealed storage is a must. Depending on size, accent cabinets are available with one, two, or more doors that allow you to tuck away blankets, throws, movies, books, and anything else you’d like out of sight when company arrives. For those who love the charm of modern farmhouse décor, look for accent cabinets with sliding barn doors. This style provides a dose of country flair plus an easy-to-slide design for effortless access to items stored within.

Doubtful of doors? Consider the effectiveness of this unique cabinet:

Intrigued? This super-chic, mid-century modern accent cabinet is affordable & available online; it draws the eye with striking woven cane doors while providing plenty of storage space. It’s just one example how a single element of décor, like cabinet doors, can extend flair throughout your room!


Just like doors, drawers provide a spot to tuck away all the items that tend to create clutter in our homes. They’re a great way to keep DVDs, Blu-Ray discs, and video games organized or to hold remotes, charging cables, and portable electronics.

Open storage

Nothing says airy and modern like open shelves. Open storage lets you showcase your favorite books, put decorative accents front and center, or create neat storage with stylish bins and baskets. For the best of both worlds, many accent cabinets offer open storage on one side with a door on the other.

Hardware Options

When it comes to accent cabinets, hardware can blend into the overall design or make a statement. Available in a variety of finishes, shapes, and styles, the hardware on your accent cabinet provides an extra touch of style in every room.

Tempered-glass top

Whether you’re mixing up a martini or watering your succulents, spills happen and liquids can damage the finish of many accent cabinets. Options with a tempered-glass top not only make cleanup easy when messes occur but also offer a sleek look with modern appeal.

Step 2: Focus on Functionality

Are you looking to display fine china, or is your cabinet strategy more about getting clutter out of sight? Are you looking to entertain friends and family with a modern bar cabinet or corner bar cabinet – and if so, what are your options? Here are some creative takes on the traditional.

Wine storage

If you love entertaining or ending the day with a perfectly aged Cabernet Sauvignon, a wine rack makes an excellent addition to your accent bar cabinet. You’ll always have a selection of your favorite varietals on hand while bringing the look of a winery tasting room to your home.

Stemware storage

Why run to the kitchen when it’s time to open a bottle of wine? Integrated storage allows you to hang wine glasses inside the cabinet so they’re available when needed and out of sight when not in use.

Electric fireplace

If your home doesn’t have a built-in wood or gas fireplace, you can still enjoy the glow of dancing flames. At the same time, an accent cabinet with an electric fireplace can play an important role in your supplemental zone heating strategy, helping you keep the thermostat lower while beating the chill in the spaces you use most. When summer comes, turn off the heat and simply bask in the beauty of the flames. It’s an especially clever way to enjoy all the benefits of a fireplace in smaller rooms and apartments where space is limited.

Cabinets containing electric fireplaces look unique and amazing, like this 42″ Media Mantel Freestanding Electric Fireplace!

Step 3: Consider Your Space as a Whole

Accent cabinets feature a great deal of versatility – and once you’ve decided on features and function, it’s time to visualize them in your living room and beyond. The right accent cabinet can be at home next to your entertainment center as storage for your games, movies, and books. They’re also the perfect piece to use as a corner or end table, where you can create a display of décor and store your remote controls, extra blankets, and candles when they’re not in use. Bedrooms, foyers, and other spaces can even be served by the right accent cabinet.

In addition to standard accent cabinets, you’ll find a variety of alternatives to help your home look and feel perfect.

  • Wine, beverage, and bar accent cabinets: Designed to hold your favorites beverages, these cabinets make it easy to serve drinks and store all your entertaining accessories.
  • Sideboards: These larger cabinets are ideal for the dining room, where you can store table linens, extra china, and servingware. Spacious tops provide space for a holiday buffet, dessert display, or décor.
  • Display cabinets and piers: With a tall design that draws the eye upward, these vertically oriented cabinets provide room for books, family photos, and seasonal accents. Place stylish baskets on the shelves to create a mix of open and concealed storage.

The right cabinets are a must-have that provide additional storage, functional solutions for hosting, and draw the gaze as soon as guests enter your home. To learn more about choosing home furnishings, check out the Twin Star Home® blog for ideas and inspiration. For even more decorating and design tips, subscribe to our email newsletter today! 

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