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Home Style Predictions for 2024

Another year has come and gone, and here we are now in 2024! We had so much fun predicting the trends for 2023, so we just had to come back with another round of home fashion forecasts for 2024. After analyzing last year’s trends, the current style climate, and what the innovators are up to, our trend predications for 2024 are sure to inspire your interior design.

This year, we’re predicting metal finishes and frames to be big, like the kathy ireland® Homes and Gardens Madison Ave. by TK Classics outdoor collection.

Trend Forecasts

Wait, so how do we know what trends will be popular? Our Interior Designer Crystal Ball is still in its ‘development phase’, so we rely on the classic life cycle of a trend. Trends start with innovators, which are then are picked up by early adopters; shortly afterwards they are noticed by the early majority and then finally become mainstream when the late majority takes notice. Looking to see what the innovators are already doing is a great way to start predicting what will soon be on the rise.

What’s in Style for 2024?

Our favorite rule about fashion and style…it’s cyclical! For example, in the 90’s everyone was bringing back updated styles of the 60’s. This year, we’re seeing the dreamy vibes of the early 2000’s continue to inspire designers and influencers. Think romantic hues like soft peaches, big florals, lacey accents, and a slight push away from the clean minimalism lines of last year. If you want to embrace this trend but don’t feel like embarking on huge makeover project, we recommend updating your space with a charming blue fireplace stove, pictured below. After all, nothing says romance like a rolling fire!

More Mix, Less Match

A big theme for 2024: Don’t be afraid to mix it up! Home décor experts say that this year is all about creating cool eclectic spaces. Award winning designer Michel Smith Boyd advises, “I like pattern mixing in rooms the same way I do in fashion…As long as the patterns relate, compliment and evoke joy, I’m all for it.”

Consider using Victorian-inspired décor to juxtapose this modern sideboard, pictured above. The goal is to create an atmosphere of artistic expression (which is consistent with a more maximalist trend we’re already starting to see).

We Love Rock and Roll

Another big trend we’re seeing: metal baby! Think chrome, steel, and aluminum pieces. This trend has potential for the long-term, so if you like the looks of this pretty style, we suggest this favorite of Kelly Clarkson’s: a bright mirrored console, pictured below:

mirrored tv console

Your Taste Is Always in Style!

The most important style tip is finding whatever speaks to you and makes you feel happy. Home décor is about expressing yourself and that is always in, in our book. For more ideas on how to make your home feel like you, check out our other blogs at

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