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Spring Cleaning: Best Tips For Your Patio

There’s a bit of a thrill when it comes to spring cleaning: everything is getting organized, we get to say goodbye to old clutter, and the warmer weather can inspire new ways to enjoy our outdoor spaces. We have lots of ideas on how to clean your outdoor furniture, but our best tip is to let our covers do all the work for you! Not only do our covers protect patio furniture from the weather, but we keep your outdoor oasis free of dirt and debris. Here’s how Classic Accessories can transform your spring cleaning into a happy feeling.

How to Clean & Maintain Your Grill

With the Storigami Collection, your grill will stay clean and shiny all year round. These covers keep away dust, dirt, and sun, no matter what time of year. The durable water-repellent fabric will keep everything dry from those spring showers and can stop dirt from settling on your grill. Our favorite part? These covers keep your grill clean while looking elegant all at once. The functional design allows the cover to fold to a neat, manageable size every time. You can store the cover practically anywhere; it stores in ¼ the space of a regular grill cover.

Your Patio Will Be Ready To Go

Our Madrona patio furniture covers are flattering, durable, and the waterproof exterior keeps your furniture dry throughout all the spring showers. The taped seams are sealed against water, preventing even the smallest leaks from getting the cover’s stitching. Plus, an adjustable cord provides a custom-like fit along the bottom hem. It keeps the cover snug and lets you relax during a windy night.

Keep Your Garage And Tools Clean

Our StormPro collection is truly a pro at maintaining your outdoor equipment. Like Madrona, StormPro garage covers are waterproof and protect your tractors and lawnmowers from debris, tree sap, and mud. They also cover generators, log racks, and more. StormPro saves you time and energy, allowing you to start your tasks immediately.

Prevention Is Key

When it comes to the outdoors, the best method for cleaning is to stay ahead of the game. Without durable covers, your spring cleaning will soon morph into summer cleaning…and fall cleaning…and cleaning every time you want to impress your guests when they arrive.

Ditch the cleaning products and stay on top of your spring-cleaning schedule with covers from Classic Accessories. From patio furniture to outdoor grills, we’ve got you covered.

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