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6 Tips to Spring Up Your Home with Accent Furniture

Ah, spring! Between cheerful robins singing their tune and greenery sprouting across your yard, there’s also opportunity: it’s time to dig into some spring cleaning. Let’s face it: most of our homes could use a good scrub down after a long winter. However, dusting and mopping soon give way to a broader look at your homescape with spring-fresh eyes, and before long, you’re making plans to update your favorite room, your dining area, or even your whole house!

While there are a lot of reasons why you might not want to invest in a complete redesign, we’ve got plenty of ideas to refresh your home’s look without breaking your back – or the bank. Accent furniture is a simple way to revamp your home’s look with a few stylish touches that make a big impression. Follow these 6 easy tips to focus your furniture into a springtime fresh approach.

1. Merge Style with Storage

When you need a combination of storage and style, a new bookcase will add organization and depth to your living room or home office alike. To keep it light, consider this Mid-Century inspired Multipurpose Bookcase / TV Stand with Open Shelving, which is finished in light bishop oak and features clean lines with six uniquely framed shelves to store your books, display family photos, and more. As a bonus, you can even turn this unique piece on its side to hold a TV!

Don’t forget the more conventional sort of cabinets, too. In addition to storing anything you’d like hidden from view, some units even specialize in holding glasses and wine bottles – meaning you’ll have the perfect solution to host more gatherings as the warmer months approach. For those seeking targeted functional storage, find a cabinet that can be used to store your kids’ coloring books, a DVD collection, or more.

A multi-functional shelf, finished in tan oak, sits against a wall in a comfortably decorated living room.
A chic bookcase or a storage-forward TV stand? It’s your choice!

2. Consider Color

As you tackle spring cleaning – dusting, scrubbing, and shaking out the filter on your air conditioner (you ARE supposed to clean those out from time to time, remember?) –  it’s also a great time to consider the color of your walls. If you’re hungry for a change, now is that time! Modernize and beautify with 2022’s on-trend color palate.

Natural greens are IN this year (think sage green and herb-inspired verdant spreads) that pair perfectly with lighter woods in furniture and flooring. This season also marks the triumphant return of bright yellows (we LOVE Sherwin Williams’ Chartreuse and Peace yellows), which matches brilliantly with darker woods and metal cabinets. Soft blues, muted grays, and ruddy reds are all on-trend this year according to a recent Forbes Home Improvement article – we see you, jewel tones and welcoming vibes – which can bring a luxe flavor to your home landscape with just a few paintbrushes and some elbow grease.

3. Prioritize Furniture that Does Double Duty

Decorating smaller spaces can be difficult. You don’t want to create clutter, so every piece needs to make creative use of the space that’s available. The multipurpose bookcase/TV stand from Tip #1 (see above) is a great example of furniture that pulls double duty, acting as a shelf & focal point of the room, then turning on its side to create a design story as a striking, open-concept entertainment center.

If you’re focused on reinvigorating a smaller space this spring, also consider a versatile desk that works both as an attractive accent and an efficient workstation. Whether you have a dedicated room for your home office or resort to crowding the kitchen table, the right desk can make a big difference to your existing décor. And if you’re focused on fitness while you work, a standing desk might be exactly your style, like the Tresanti 47” Adjustable Height Desk. In fact, according to occupational research conducted by the CDC, getting up during the day can help improve mood, reduce back pain and neck pain, and help you stay more active.

The white Tresanti desk is extended to allow for standing office work in a neutral-toned office. It holds a small laptop computer, office supplies, and a miniature cactus.
Studies show that standing during the day may improve mood & overall health.

4. Heat Up the Ambiance

Just because seasons are changing doesn’t mean you need to leave the fun (and dare we say, cozy) elements of winter behind. Consider adding an electric fireplace for some year-round enjoyment! The Keeton Wall Mantel Electric Fireplace in Weathered Gray can transform your living room into a realistic show of dancing flames. There are still some chilly nights ahead, and this fireplace supports a supplemental zone heating strategy for up to 1,000 square feet – keeping you toasty warm and entertained year-round.

The Keeton electric fireplace is displaying dancing yellow flames. The effect is framed by rustic stonework and a dark gray molding.
Curl up & catch up on reading while a flickering fireplace sets the mood.

5. Tackle Tables…

No living or family room is complete without a coffee table, which should make a statement as your room’s centerpiece. Coffee tables are a versatile, stylish, and functional piece which can include an open design and a lower storage shelf to keep your essentials within reach. Consider a glass top table to tie your room together, balancing any traditional and/or farmhouse design elements in your space, while providing plenty of room to stash your stuff.

6. …Then Focus on Walls

Adding a wall mantel is another great way to bring visual interest to a smaller space without taking up too much room – and to make space for holiday decorating. Choose one with a bold, statement-making look, and you’ll have a simple way to create an irresistible focal point for any room.

This 48” floating mantel shelf is a great choice thanks to its eye-catching rustic look (complete with distressed appearance and real pine veneer). Adding a mantel to your space creates a striking accent in living rooms or dining rooms, while ticking the boxes in your spring cleaning checklist by getting your favorite items up and on display, freeing up valuable table space.

A weathered-looking mantel shelf sits atop a modern electric fireplace. It holds a vase of flowers and several books.
Get clutter up and on display atop a floating mantel. No fuss, no mess!

Spruce Up Springtime with Accent Furniture

By incorporating these pieces into your décor, your home will sparkle in a way it never has before. Find everything you need to give your home the spring makeover it deserves with help from Twin Star Home®. To learn more, contact us online or browse ideas and inspiration to help guide your spring refresh!

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