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4 Steps to Glow Up Your Makeup Vanity Area (2022)

Ah, makeup vanities! In recent years, there has been a resurgence in these stalwart yet cute-as-a-button furniture pieces that are custom-made to make our lives easier. Enter, too, the age of YouTube makeup tutorials and influencers sharing scintillating new looks, and it suddenly make sense why makeup vanities are more popular today than ever before. Women (and men too!) can enjoy a moment of reflection and application of the art of beauty – paints, bases, perfumes & beyond. A span of time all to yourself where you can focus on you – and sit while you craft your unique look before the hectic nature of life steps in.

In recent years, vanities have only gotten better! Today’s makeup vanities often include mirrors with built-in lights, USB ports, and built-in AC outlets for powering your devices while you primp! Some even sport  iPad and tablet device holders so you can follow along with online makeup tutorials without missing a beat. But it does beg the question: how do you go about creating the perfect makeup vanity spot – and for that matter, which makeup vanities are the best, anyways? Never fear – we’re here to help! Next up in our Twin Star Home blog lineup, we’re proud to deliver these 3 simple steps, including some hot makeup vanity ideas, to make the most of your own personal beauty oasis.

1. Choosing the Right Spot

Before we even begin, here’s a big one: where do you set up your beauty area? There’s one simple rule, here: a makeup vanity does best in out-of-the-way areas. The living room corner next to the play space for kids? That’s a no-go (unless you enjoy being distracted for the umpteenth time by Lego creations while attempting to apply liquid eyeliner). A bedroom corner works great, but only if it’s not a heavily trafficked area in your home. If you’re one of the fortunate few with a spare room, great! You’ve just found the perfect vanity spot. For those with limited space (we’re looking at you, Millennials and those who have embraced the cottage lifestyle), perfect spots for your vanity include bathrooms, a wider hallway, a corner of a mudroom, and even in an unloved corner of your living room. Don’t worry about lighting too much – your vanity should come equipped with its own light source, preferably around the mirror itself. If that’s not the case, then a small (but bright) lamp on the vanity surface itself should be more than sufficient.

Of course, there are a few additional qualifiers. Look for a space that contains the following attributes:

  • Outlet or outlets for plugging in your vanity if it’s a modern variety
  • A flat, even surface
  • No direct sunlight – if it’s near a window, ensure that it’s equipped with curtains, blinds, or shades
  • Relatively close access to the bathroom; after you emerge clean & fresh, your makeup vanity will probably be your next stop. Keep things convenient!

And that’s it! Whether your house is big or small, there’s a space waiting for you and your beauty routine. Today is the day to claim it!

2. Selecting a Sensational Vanity

Now that you’ve claimed the perfect spot to perfect your beauty arts, it’s time to actually GET the vanity itself. As you go about your selection process, remember this mantra: function first, design second. There are a few essential elements you’ll need to consider when making your vanity selection, including price, size, features, and storage capacity. Of your many options, here are a few of the makeup vanities we recommend.

For those with a dedicated makeup space, and in terms of bang for your buck, the Tresanti Alexandra Vanity Table with LED Lighted Mirror is sure to impress. With a built-in LED lit mirror, you don’t have to worry about purchasing and setting up alternative lighting sources. It has 11 (!) drawers to stay organized, plus there are three AC outlets to plug in devices like hair dryers and flat irons. There’s also a handy nook for your personal video device, so you can try your hand at your favorite techniques of makeup influencers and follow along in real time. It does occupy a bit of space at 51” inches in length – although, if you have the room, the extra space and extended mirror both make the Tresanti Alexandra well worth it! 

Also worth noting: this vanity in particular has made a BIG splash in social media, appearing on such pages at the CostcoFans Instagram (that showcases some of its great features). Curiously, this vanity table is of the same make as the Tresanti Adjustable Height Desk which has since gone viral across the social media sphere at large. It appears great design runs in the family!

The Tresanti vanity table rests against a gray wall.

If you’re looking for something a little more understated – and especially if you’re low on dedicated vanity space – consider the Fontana Blue Makeup Vanity with Hideaway Mirror. With a foldaway, space-saving philosophy behind its design, it fits neatly into your life with only 31” in length. Its mirror flips up and down, adding some surface area to employ when you’re not beautifying. It also comes in adorable blue and silver colors. Too cute!

The blue Fontana vanity table stands out against a white wall. A gray stool sits nearby.

If you’re looking to keep things ultra simple, then we’ve got the perfect makeup vanity for you: the Everly Quinn Jaiden vanity. This petite-yet-feature-packed makeup center offers generously sized, foldaway mirror that can be slotted in position in mornings, then fold away so that you can use your vanity as an additional surface area. This unit also comes with a matching stool and makes a perfect spot to put on your face before a busy day!

A demure but fully featured Everly Quinn Jordan vanity has its mirror open and on display.

3. Get Organized

So, you’ve got your makeup vanity unpacked and set up in your dream beauty nook. Go, you! Here’s a makeup vanity superpower: there’s no need to fish eyeliner out of your purse or crack open the cabinet of forgotten nail polish once you’re all set up. A vanity lets you stay organized during your beauty routine, which means faster application and a cut-down on overall frustration. Here are a few organizational tips:

  • Categorize your makeup and beauty supplies by drawers for easy access
  • Keep clean storage containers in drawers to keep like colors together
  • Stash go-to items (brushes and Q-tips) topside in their own jar containers
  • Don’t forget to stock removers and facial cleansers… and moisturizers too. You’ll love a vanity for wind-downs after a big night out, too!

4. Makeup Magic: Express Yourself!

Beauty is more than routine or expectation. It’s your opportunity to let your outside reflect who you are within. So, grab that powder brush and get ready to spoil yourself. And don’t forget to follow us as we discuss sensational design and décor trends and by following our Twin Star Home Pinterest page. See you there!

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