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Back-to-School Home Furnishings Your Busy Entryway Needs

As the summer comes to an end and the back-to-school season approaches, kids are busy trying to squeeze every last drop of fun out of their days off. That may mean play dates, parties, maybe even backyard camping. But it almost certainly doesn’t mean researching where to find the best prices and the perfect supplies for school, or what kind of home furnishings will help keep the chaos at home under control.

For parents, it’s often a different story. A recent survey revealed that 8 in 10 parents experience back-to-school anxiety*, with nearly two-thirds calling it the most stressful time of the year. With so much to do and so many busy family members, how can you ensure the kids get out the door on time? With their supplies in hand and homework completed? Essentially, how can you minimize the chaos and clutter? Some strategic choices for home furnishings can help.

There are many strategies to get organized for the back-to-school rush, but optimizing your entryway is one of the best. Focusing on organization and easy access to essentials will help you get everyone get out the door on time with everything they need for the day ahead. Learn more about how you can make each school day more efficient this year with help from a few key home furnishings updates, (like maybe the hall tree above) to this critical area of the home.

A two-tone modern hall tree in gray with a wood grain back with a chevron pattern and lower cubbies for shoes.
This hall tree takes a traditional concept and gives it a modern look.

Entryway Home Furnishings for One-Stop Organization

Today’s students are busier than ever before, with a host of activities waiting for them before, during and after the school day. But when everything is scattered from their bedrooms to the family room, leaving items behind is always a risk. In most cases, the entryway is the last space in the home they’ll pass through, making it the ideal location for all their gear. To ensure kids have everything they need before catching the bus, look to home furnishings that offer space for important items so they’ll be close at hand.

Adding a hall tree, like the one shown above, helps keep everything exactly where kids need it. Hooks offer space to hang coats and bags, while storage compartments beneath let them stow their hats and gloves, as well as laptops, books and more. To avoid mix-ups, assign each child a cubby for their belongings, and encourage them to put everything they’ll need for the next day in their section the night before. The seat provides a place to sit while pulling on boots, but it can also be used to set out items for the school day from science projects to lunches. And there’s something to fit every style home, from the more contemporary shown above, to a more rustic or traditional style hall tree, as shown below.

Is a hall tree good accent furniture to keep my kids organized?
A hall tree can be a great way to organize all the things from clothes to shoes to school supplies that may be needed on the way out the door.

Home Furnishings that Bring Function and Style to the Entryway

Check out home design blogs, and you’re sure to see beautifully styled entryways that welcome guests to the home. Do you have to give that up to make yours more functional? If you think an efficiency-focused entryway has to be boring or unattractive, think again. There are plenty of stunning home furnishings that allow you to create a look you’ll love and add organized storage to avoid morning mishaps. To bring a stylish touch to your entryway, look to the wall space above your furniture.

Rather than a tall hall tree, consider low-sitting home furnishings, like a storage bench with cubbies. Removable dividers form up to eight cubbies to accommodate larger families, but can also be used to keep items like shoes and outdoor accessories separate from homework and electronics. Add a few stylish bins in wicker, fabric, or metal to corral pens and pencils, keys, and other smaller items without creating clutter. Then, to make a statement, choose dramatic wall décor to place over the bench. A favorite piece of artwork with attention-grabbing colors or a large mirror with a unique frame along with the bench’s chic distressed finish will give you the combination of aesthetics and organization you need.

Where can I find accent furniture like this storage bench?
A storage bench can be a lifesaver when it comes to creating organization in your entryway. And you can still get the style you crave with a distinctive mirror or piece of art hanging above your bench

Create an Entryway Message Center

When back-to-school season rolls around, you’ll need to organize more than supplies. Between games, sports practices, dance class, music lessons and other extracurricular activities, most families are always on the go, and often in several directions at the same time. And while paper planners or an app on your phone can help you keep tabs on everyone’s schedule, those tools won’t catch kids’ eyes as they rush out the door. Fortunately, the right home furnishings make it easy to create a message center in your entryway where you can post reminders, jot down appointments and help ensure no one misses a beat.

For a message center with vintage flair, a wall mounted coat rack that includes chalkboards in a classic wood frame, is a great solution that complements farmhouse-inspired décor. Keep brightly colored chalk in the tray, so you can add new events and note schedule changes on the fly. It’s also a great way to encourage older kids to be responsible for managing their own commitments. And it still gives parents visibility and oversight. Place a coat rack over a storage bench for a customized entryway organization solution.

Make Back to School Simple

There’s no denying that the back-to-school season presents unique challenges for students and parents alike. To minimize morning chaos, choose home furnishings that make organization effortless, so you’ll stress less and kids can start the day on the right foot – with everything they need for success. Need more suggestions for making other areas of the home more efficient, functional and stylish? Check out ideas and inspiration from Twin Star Home™, and contact us today to learn more about our high-quality home furnishings.

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