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Best Electric Fireplaces to Enjoy with Your Pet (and Why You’ll Both Love It)

If there’s a less-than-toasty spot in your home, you might be looking for ways to warm it up. Creating a supplemental zone heating strategy is a great way to ward off the chill – but what about when pets are an important part of the family? Thanks to their inviting glow and warmth, electric fireplaces are the perfect way to warm up your space and cozy up with furry friends. Here are just a few of the reasons you and your pets will enjoy an electric fireplace or stove heater.

It’s a Great Way to Cuddle and Keep Warm

The colder months can be hard on pets that are used to playtime outside. In fact, experts recommend limiting time outdoors for dogs and eliminating it altogether for cats during the winter, if possible. So, your pets may feel bored when the mercury drops if they are used to playing fetch or lounging outside with you on warm days.

Spending extra time snuggled up together where it’s warm and cozy is one way to make them happy. Keep in mind that if you’re cold, then your pets probably are too. So, adding an electric stove heater or a wall mantel electric fireplace (like the one shown above) is a smart way to make any room in your home more inviting. With either option you can heat the room you’re in and relax with the realistic flame effect. Your pooch or kitty will be happy as can be by your side as you read, watch movies, or work on crafts.

Will my pet enjoy an electric fireplace?
Pets love staying cozy in front of the fire, just like you do.

Your Pet Will Love Watching the Dancing Flames

The glow of a fire has a soothing effect – it’s part of the reason why people love gathering around a fire and why many electric fireplaces allow you to enjoy the effect even without heat. Pets are no different, and we’re sure your furry companions will be just as entranced by the light and movement as the rest of the family.

To make the most of the experience, consider the Hamilton TV Stand with PanoGlow® Electric Fireplace (36MM30608-B523) from ClassicFlame®, the market leader in electric fireplaces. A TV stand that includes a fireplace insert incorporates all the benefits of an electric fireplace into any room, large or small. Also, you’ll have a beautiful view of the simulated flames from multiple angles thanks to the PanoGlow design. That way you and your pets can sit back and relax as you bask in the warm, dancing flames that set the room aglow.

What is the best electric fireplace to enjoy with my pet for beautiful views?
The Hamilton TV Stand with PanoGlow® Electric Fireplace from ClassicFlame® offers three-sided viewing of a beautiful fireplace that you and your pets can enjoy.

An Electric Fireplace is an Attractive Solution to an Attractive Nuisance

Our feline friends aren’t just cute, cuddly and clever – they’re also prone to getting into everything we wish they wouldn’t. As a result, they investigate every nook and cranny, and that can include an unused fireplace. Maybe you’ve tried to fill the space with candles and other decorative items, only to have them batted away. Or perhaps you’re tired of finding toy mice in the hearth. Either way, filling the empty space with an electric fireplace insert or log set offers an easy way to beautify a room and keep pets out.

Is an electric fireplace safe for my cat?
Cuddling with your cat by an electric fireplace will make you love home even more.

For the classic look of logs atop a glowing ember bed, try the duraflame® Infrared Electric Log Set Heater. This log set includes a 1,500 watt heater that delivers 5,200 BTUs of heat via highly efficient LED technology, making it ideal for supplemental zone heating in spaces up to 1,000 square feet. At the same time, the set projects a natural-looking flame effect against the back of the fireplace for a lifelike appearance. Prefer a more contemporary style? The duraflame® Brindle Lane Infrared Quartz Candle Set Heater (DFI030ARU-06) includes realistic LED candles at various heights for soft illumination and a chic look.

Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplaces Maximize Play Space

Your pets love to play, and you love to make them happy. Therefore, your home is filled to the brim with chew toys, squeaky stuffed animals, and everything else. However, your pet may not have room to enjoy all these toys when space is limited. You need wide-open floor space so pets can safely run, jump and roll around without worry. Fortunately, thanks to wall-mounted electric fireplaces, you can find plenty of room to play and keep the home more comfortable.

For example, consider the ClassicFlame Elysium 36″ Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace (36II100GRG). This fireplace warms your space without the need for venting or gas lines. Hang it as wall décor, install it in your wall or use a display stand – the choice is yours. However you decide to integrate it into your home, you can enjoy a number of features without taking up valuable floor space.

Is a wall mounted electric fireplace a good idea with pets?
A wall hanging electric fireplace offers heat and ambiance without taking up floor space.

For starters, you can customize the look of your fireplace with translucent fire glass, ivory river rocks or rustic driftwood. There are even five color options to choose from to give your fireplace a unique ambiance. Use the included remote to change the settings at a distance. Or you can utilize the electronic timer function to set up the automatic timed shutoff.

Stay Warm All Year Round

Whether it’s a cold day in January or a chilly summer evening, electric fireplaces and stove heaters can help keep you and your pets comfortable 365 days a year. To learn more about available options, browse electric stoves from Duraflame, or electric fireplaces, wall mantels, and more from ClassicFlame online now.

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