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Electric Fireplace: 5 Ideas for Creating a Cozy Spot

One of the best things about the fall and winter seasons is enjoying cozy, peaceful moments with friends and family. And nothing says cozy like gathering around a beautiful, warm fireplace. Thanks to our patent pending 3D Flame® effect, achieving a realistic-looking fireplace is easier than ever. But if you’d like to add a little more ambiance to your electric fireplace, read on for our top five tips to creating a sweet set-up.

1. Add Personal Style to Your Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplace inserts are fantastic for saving space and money. Why settle for a TV stand next to a fireplace when you have both in one furniture piece? This fireplace below gives you plenty of space for seasonal décor. From family photos to the kids’ art projects, anything can be safely placed on the wood finish.

electric fireplace in a cozy fall living room

2. Dress up Your Electric Fireplace with Candles

That warm feeling that we get while sitting by a fire doesn’t just come from the heat. The flickering light has a way of calming the mind and putting us in a peaceful state. Complement the glow of your electric fireplace with candles. We especially love scented candles, like vanilla or sugar cookies. Even when they’re not burning, decorative candles make everyone feel right at home.

A brown shiplap wall mantel electric fireplace has gold and white votive candle holders sitting on top of it.
Arranging candles on your electric fireplace adds a personal touch.

3. Use Coordinating Colors

If you have a wall-mounted electric fireplace, you’re already halfway there to creating a cozy living space. Wall-mounted fireplaces are versatile because they showcase a sleek, minimalist appearance. Create a sophisticated look by installing your wall-mounted fireplace on a matching wall color, or use a throw blanket with the same color theme. Using coordinating colors gives you and your guests a soothing feeling.

An electric fireplace wall mount is a perfect cozy addition.
A wall-mounted electric fireplace makes for a stylish, cozy look.

4. Add a Luxurious Area Rug

One of the advantages to having an electric fireplace, like a duraflame® electric stove heater, is cleanliness; there’s no risk of embers or dirt flying into your space. Add a decadently soft rug for the ultimate in cozy vibes. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to add matching throw pillows in the same color or texture. They are perfect for setting a romantic scene with your partner or creating fun game nights with friends.

5. Update Your Artwork

Think of artwork as an accessory, like earrings or a new purse. It’s a little change, but it can really make a difference to the overall look. Feel free to experiment with color, like a bold holly-red hue or a deep forest green. Whether your aesthetic calls for a realistic nature scene or an abstract piece, a simple change of art can instantly refresh your space.

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