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How to Choose Outdoor Furniture with the kathy ireland® Homes & Gardens Collection [2024]

Choosing a new outdoor furniture set is exciting! It’s an opportunity to design a look that works perfectly for you, season after season. The other side of the coin, however, is that you may not know exactly where to start. Pinterest, your style-savvy friends – they all have good advice, but it may not get to the heart of your questions. How do you find outdoor furniture ideas that will meet all your needs? Here, we’ll take a look at some key considerations using examples from the kathy ireland® Homes & Gardens by TK Classics collection.

Sizing Up Your Space

Whether you have a spacious backyard or a cozy outdoor deck, the success of your outdoor furniture layout depends on mastering the natural flow of entertaining. A good rule of thumb: always leave ample room to walk around furniture without bumping into it or needing to squeeze by.

Move good times outside with a 17-piece outdoor sectional seating group with navy blue cushions.
Move good times outside with a 17-piece outdoor sectional seating group with cushions.

If you’re looking to fill a lot of empty space, this 17-piece seating group from the kathy ireland® Homes & Gardens River Brook collection, pictured above, is an excellent example of larger-scale outdoor furniture. Thanks to a convenient modular design, you can arrange this set in multiple configurations. If you have a big family and need to add an extra club chair or two, it’s easy to customize your order on the Design Furnishings website.

This 5-piece conversation set with cushions gives you a comfortable place to unwind.
This 5-piece conversation set with cushions gives you a comfortable place to unwind.

For a slightly smaller set that’s anything but small on style, we suggest this comfortable seating group, also from the River Brook collection. Seating for five accommodates fun family nights and casual gatherings without compromising on space.

How Will You Use Your Outdoor Furniture?

Once you’re got a solid idea of how much space you have, the next step is to think about your favorite ways to spend time outdoors. It sounds simple, but with so many options on the market, you could find yourself feeling overwhelmed and buying something that sounds fantastic in theory, but doesn’t quite work once everything is all set up. To get the perfect match the first time, see which of these patio profiles best describes you.

The Party Planner

Game nights, wine tastings, book clubs – your place is the official party destination in your group of friends. No matter the occasion, you have the best snacks, a groovy playlist, and everything else needed to make it a night to remember.

Black metal patio furniture supports turquoise cushions on a beautiful sunny patio.

Your Patio Furniture Pick: To give all your guests a spot for their drinks and snacks as they chat, we recommend an elegant set with sturdy metal side tables and a coffee table, like this 13- piece set from the Madison Ave. collection, pictured above. Create an ideal seating area with a mix of chairs with ottomans and sofas, or make it a super special night with our selection of fire pits.

The Serenity Seeker

You love spending your downtime at home. You’re at your happiest when you are relaxing with your significant other or on your own, recharging your social battery. All you need to have fun is a good book, music, or a sketch pad.

A relaxing sectional was made for long, lazy days.
This relaxing outdoor sectional was made for long, lazy days.

Your Patio Furniture Pick: Get comfy with sectional seating (pictured above) thanks to thick cushions and sturdy, long-lasting wicker frames. This large sectional makes it easy to curl up or stretch out during those gloriously warm weather days.

The Perfect Oasis for Every Homeowner

The best patio furniture should make you feel good every time you sit on your deck or dine al fresco. Need more ideas about styling your outdoor spaces? Sign up for our family of brands newsletters, including the Twin Star Home® newsletter, for tips and inspiration.

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