People benefit from electronic standing desks when they need to work from home. A brown standing desk is placed next to a white wall with serene art and a white lamp.

Living Well At Home

Stand up for Self-Care: Home Office Tips [2023]

Working from home has given us a ton of benefits: no rush hour commutes, more time to spend time with the kiddos, and lunch is always fresh and hot. But no matter where you are, work can still have those stressful moments. We can get so wrapped up with projects that self-care is often the first thing that gets sacrificed. Well, not today! We’ve complied a quick self-care checklist you can do with electronic standing desks from Twin Star Home.

Ergonomics 101

First, we must set up a good foundation. How you sit and stand throughout the workday has a significant impact on your body (not only for that particular day, but for the long haul as well). Even though it feels more comfortable in the moment to lean into the desk and slouch our shoulders, our neck and hips will most certainly register their opinion later on; ergo, we must talk about ergonomics.

The illustration below demonstrates how we want to maintain our posture while working at a desk: When sitting or standing, you always want to imagine there is a little string attached to the top of your head (like you are a Christmas tree ornament) and someone is gently pulling that string up. If your monitor is not meeting your eye level in that posture, it is time to adjust that monitor. Another mindful exercise is to imagine your shoulder blades are trying to touch each other; that will remind you to pull your shoulders back which allows your spine to stay in its prime position.

Next, we must check our arm and wrist position. Like the illustration shows, we want to strive for a 90–100-degree angle with our forearms and torso. This is easily accomplished using an adjustable height desk with an Illumitouch™ LED control panel (pictured below). Simply tap the up/down buttons until the desk gives your arms that relaxed “L” shape we’re aiming for, whether you’re sitting or standing. The height adjusts anywhere between 30” to 47.5” via a smooth-operating electronic motor. Best of all, you can save your height preferences with three programmable settings that remember your favorite sitting and standing positions. And, as an extra bonus, you can lock and unlock the control buttons, preventing any accidental height adjustments.

One of our electronic standing desks is in a white room with a green plant and large windows.

Correct posture not only feels good at the end of the workday, but helps you avoid problems like strained back muscles and carpal tunnel symptoms in the long run.

Create Your Own Office Party with Electronic Standing Desks

A brown and white desk has a laptop and phone on top. With our electronic standing desks, you can charge your phone and laptop at the same because there are USB ports on the side of the desk.

Now that we’ve talked about physical self-care, we can dive into equally important ideas for mental and emotional self-care. Giving ourselves moments to have fun and relax throughout our workday are just as valuable as maintaining good posture. Let’s look at a quick checklist of ideas:

  • Food, Water, and Sunshine: As a popular internet meme says, we must take care of ourselves. We are basically house plants with more complicated emotions. Be sure to cover the basics: eat well, stay hydrated, and make sure you stretch and take some much-needed breaks outside. Our GetActive™ timer on the Tresanti Rene Adjustable Height Desk (pictured above) will help you remember it’s time to get up and move your body.
  • Rule of Three’s: if you haven’t heard of this before, the Rule of Three’s is a silly rule that proclaims every WFH person should have three drinks on the desk at all times: one for caffeination, one for hydration, and one drink “just for fun.” At your next grocery run, pick up a new cold-pressed juice or protein smoothie and see how you like it!
  • Strut Your Stuff: The latest WFH craze? Walk pads! The ideal complement to a standing desk, the new walk pads are smaller, quieter, and more discreet than ever before. Listen in on a seminar and practice your catwalk at the same time. The Tresanti Rene desk has an extra wide 55” desk space, which allows plenty of room for a walk pad below.
  • Get into the Groove: If the weather isn’t cooperating and you can’t go outside, then put on your favorite playlist, adjust your Twin Star Home desk to a standing height, and do a little dance! Get your hips swaying to the beat as you type an email or check that spreadsheet. Want to listen to music on your phone but the battery is dying? Our desks come with built-in USB ports that can charge three of your mobile devices simultaneously at full speed.

But Wait, There’s More!

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